Wednesday, July 17

HumpDayHump - I Want Muscle! Act2: Scene:1 We are hoofing it around the track sweating off those Girl Scout peanut butter cookies we ate in the car on the way here. Trying our hardest to walk and talk at the same time without passing out completely. *Quiet on the set!* ACTION! Me: Oh. My. God. I am so fat!!!!! What the hell? This had to have happened while I was sleeping, I swear! Well, at least we are exercising today. You are going to exercise with me everyday? Aren't you?? You: Yeah, I gotta work off my fat ass too... Me: I really don't mind the gym. Actually I love going to the gym. I could spend two hours on a treadmill walking as long as they have a television in front of it with something good on like Sex in the City! What is your favorite form of exercise? You: I don't like the gym at all, too much of a meat market. I like to be home, walk on the treadmill, ride my new exercise bike, and use my Orbitrek while watching a favorite movie, one that entertains me and keeps me pumping! Me: I must get my butt moving on a regular basis due to my cholesterol. The added benefit of exercise for medical reasons will be the body re-shaping part of it all. I can not wait to be able to fit back into a slinky halter style shirt and a cute pencil skirt with some strappy heels. What outfit do you drool over everytime you see it? You: A tight black sexy dress with high black pumps. Me: So what has been up with you this week? What has weighed most heavily on your mind? You: Just trying to get out of my funk and move on with things. Me: Okay, 20 times around is my limit! Let's go sit on that bench over there and watch all the others hoof it. You: You go ahead... I'm following that guy up there with the cute butt in tight shorts, I just got a burst of energy seeing him. But have your cell phone ready to call 911 if I pass out! CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!