Monday, July 22

Monday Mission 1. Do you remember your first encounter with computers? Tell me about that. I was in Junior High and decided to take a class called Office Procedures. They had just barely bought a bunch of Apple computers and I learned how to do some Word Processing. I really liked typing on a computer so much better than a type writer. 2. How late can you stay up and still be functional the next day? Do you do that very often? Probably 8:30 or 9:00pm. This is because I get up at 3:30am on a work day! I do this more often than I'd like do during the summer, too much to do and too much going on, not to mention its so hard to sleep when its HOT. On weekends, I stay up later and it doesn't really matter if I'm functional the next day or not. 3. When was the last really good hug you got from another adult? Who was it and what was the situation? Yesterday, from my Dad, because I was having a bad day... and just for the heck of it. He's a huggy bear. 4. One thing about children is that they all like to draw. We all shared the same ability and skill level at one time. Do you still like to draw? (Not do you think you draw well, or do others, but do you like to?) If not, how come? Did you get discouraged at some point? I got discouraged - never could draw well, even had trouble with stick figures. I like to doodle and color occasionally. No, not coloring books. 5. I way overslept today. I had to head to work with no shower (don't get too close), and I am not in the best of moods. Have you ever overslept on a day you had something important going on? What's the story there? I actually haven't done that in years! I over slept one winter morning because the power had been out. I was late for work, and HAD to be there because I had to open the store, so no time for shower. Seemed like one of the worse days I've had at the time... it dims in comparison to some of the doozies I've had since then. 6. Ever go shopping for something you know you can't afford? You look at it and even think about how it will look when you get it home, somehow you justify the cost and believe it can happen? And just before you get to the counter come to your senses? What was the last thing you almost bought, but thought better of it? And why the heck do we do that to ourselves? More often than I care to think about! I can't remember anything that I really regretted buying. I can be quite impulsive, but usually am very happy that I bought it. The best thing to do is leave your credit cards at home or don't shop on the internet if you feel in a weak state. 7. (It begins again...) It's all such a blur now. I'd asked you to help me wake up but the alarm didn't go off. It was 10 till and just I knew I'd be late. Somehow you got me here on time. How did you do that? I behaved and didn't attack you in the mornings like I so love to do... *snicker* BONUS: Can't you see, you belong to me? Hmmm... nice thought...and you belong to me too.