Wednesday, July 31

How is it that internet companies think they have the right to sign you up for things that you 1) have no interest in and 2) didn't sign up for?! I just got an e-mail from Blue Dolphin welcoming me to their free newsletter service because they said "you visited one of their partnering sites today". The hell I did! Pisses me off. I wish there were laws against this crap - and spamming laws too. I'm also sick and tired of getting e-mail for porno sites, home mortage, viagra, etc., even though I've got bulk mail filters, they still get through by sending to just a few people at a time. If I'm getting this stuff, you know kids are too, which is so wrong. If I want their advertisements and specials, I'd sign up. Wish they'd leave me the fuck alone! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!