Tuesday, April 15

Yesterday was crazy. I kicked ass as far as getting things done though. My boss and other cubie Greg are gone for most of the week (my boss will be in on Thursday) so even though they're gone, I was so busy. I am Queen Supreme but with no one to rule. tee hee I've got a lot to do this week since I'll be out of my office for the next two weeks, so not a lot of play time. I'm hoping today will be calmer than yesterday though. One of the things I had to do yesterday afternoon was to go up to my old building to pack up our documents that were in a storage room... its finally time to move them. So, while I was there I stopped in to see my buddy Brian and Linda was there too. Brian gave me a big hug and then Linda poked her nose out of her cubical and she acted OK, but she didn't even bother to get her butt out of her chair to give me a hug - and I didn't go give her one. She told me how great I looked, then in the same breath told me I needed to go get new levis. Levis I was wearing were ones that fit me nicely now. Sheesh. Whatever. I got several compliments on how I looked yesterday so *phhttt*. I saw my friend Nancy and chatted for a while after I'd packed some stuff up. I had one file cabinet emptied, then a very nice guy Kent said he could move the other two cabinets full. YAY. They'll get a forklift and a moving truck to finish it up tomorrow. Dad's b-day party was nice last night. Very quiet though, my bro J Dee, his wife Patti, my sis Susie, and my niece Elyssa were the only ones there (while I was there) besides my parents. We had a nice visit. My other brother was coming later after I went to bed. It was SO great not to have my sis Kathy and her hubby Ellis there. Supposedly, Ellis had a couple of job interviews (choke, choke, cough, cough). When Dad told Susie where Kathy was, Susie said "You mean that's where they SAY they are." ROFL! We all cracked up about it. They're such liars, we can't believe anything they say. I think the whole thing was a ploy not to be home for Dad's party because Ellis doesn't like crowds. Poor baby. Well, I'm off to work! Have a great day!