Thursday, April 3

My car was acting funny this morning, so I made it a block and turned around and came home. Dad said it sounded like not all 6 cylinders were firing. Great. It started acting funny on the way home last night, but we hoped that it was because of the huge windy rain/snow storm we had and that I got a little water in the gas. Nope. Anyway, Dad let me take Mom's blazer to work today. He's going to call around this morning to see if he can get my car into a mechanic. I sure hope its nothing major, but when a car is almost 16 years old, one can expect things to go wrong now and then. Its been a good car and I've tried to take good care of it. Second thing - I got here, went straight to work on my financials and found the silly error within 5 minutes. When I say silly, I mean stupid, really stupid mistake on my part. I was so mad at myself, yet so relieved that I found it, all I oculd say was "well f*ck me". LOL! I even had my boss help me yesterday to figure out where the error was, I'm really not looking forward to telling him what it was. Maybe I'll just tell him "I found it, aren't I good?" and hope he doesn't ask what the mistake was! He may just laugh. It was probably a good thing for him to go through the financials yesterday anyway, just for a sanity check once in a while. Which we all know - I could use. tee hee Have a great day everyone. Go play 3 for Thursday if you're so inclined. My answers are here.