Tuesday, April 1

I made it to work, looked at my "things to do" list and I think I wanna crawl in a hole and make it go away. But it won't go away, it will just pile up so I'll buck up and get things done. I went to Kinko's yesterday, dropped off some workshop materials to copied, and now Greg decides he has another section to add and writes me a note that it needs to be taken to Kinko's. My a&& is does. I don't have time to run to Kinko's today! Grrrr. Either he can take it, or we'll make 14 copies here. It will probably be faster for me to make the copies here than run to Kinko's for that many. Sheesh! Enough whinging... I just got my preliminary itinerary from travel on my Boston trip! W00T!!!! I'm soooo excited!! OK... off to work! Enjoy your day!!!!!!!