Wednesday, April 23

I am still having a great time here in Boston. Dave, Les and I hit a HUGE Barnes & Noble, the mall, and then went out to eat tonight. I need to start packing my stuff since we need to check out of this hotel in the morning, so this is gonna be a quicky post. I need to vent a bit. I just got an e-mail from Greg, who needs me to make some travel arrangements for him tomorrow. Excuse me, I'm 2100 miles from home, all the necessary forms and paperwork are at the office where HE is. He's such a dumbshit sometimes I could strangle him. I wrote back, and told him to get Cindy from our main office to help him! DUH!! I can't do a friggin thing from here. I seriously want to knock on his head and ask if anyone is home sometimes. Of course he CC'd my boss Tim on the e-mail, and I replied to both Greg and my boss. I bet Tim is thinking the same thing I am. DUH! OK... I best get packing so I don't need to get up so early in the morning. Good night! I miss everyone and will hopefully catch up with you all this weekend - before I'm off on another trip on Sunday. Although this is a local trip, I'll still be away from home for another week. Ah well, its a nice change of pace!