Wednesday, April 9

I went to pick up my car yesterday afternoon, the tune up and the motor mounts being replaced cost me $350. Lovely. Then I get in it, start it up, start driving and it starts shaking and running rough - same frickin' thing it was in there to get FIXED for, but was actually not quite as bad. I got out of my car and went back inside and told them it was STILL doing it. The mechanic took it for a test run and came back and said "You're right." DUH. So, he hooked it up the the computer and couldn't find anything. BUT he said there were two things his computer didn't check for. Fuel injectors and the modules. Great. Now, I had a module replaced about 18 months ago and those babies aren't cheap. But it wasn't really acting quite the same, and the mechanic thought its most likely the fuel injectors. So he said to go get gas and buy some injector cleaner. So, I did. They said to drive it for a couple of days (ARRRGGHHH) and hopefully that would take care of the problem, if not... take it to yet another mechanic and have it looked at. I was so nervous driving to work this morning, but I made it. It runs smooth, then rough, smooth, then rough. Some places I had it floored to even keep up to speed on the freeway. I'll see how the rest of the day and tomorrow goes. I think I will call my buddy Bri though, and ask him what he thinks. I'm quite pissed about having to spend $350 already, money I really don't have. But, it was about due for a tune up, and the motor mounts did need to be replaced, so... what do ya do? I need to win the PCH sweepstakes is what I need to do. My nephew Travis stopped over last night to show me his new toy. My sis Susie was there too, she dropped over for a few minutes. Travis bought him a motorcycle. Brand new. Its a Kawasaki something that starts with a V. Such a beautiful bike, crome and black! After he learns how to drive it properly, he'll take me for a ride on it. Weeee! Well, I best get to work. Hopefully I'll have time to stop in and say howdy, if I get a break. Have a great day!