Wednesday, April 9

What a long day! I'm beat... the good news is, I made it to work, ran a couple of errands, and home again without my car leaving me at the side of the road. Its still acting up. I was talking to my friend Robin about it, and she said she'd ask her hubby to take a look at it this weekend. He works on cars all the time, so hopefully he'll be able to figure out what's going on. The mechanic yesterday said that everything looked good up to the point where his computer didn't trace things any more, which is the modules and the fuel injectors. *sigh* Who knows... my brain is dead and I'm exhausted from being stressed about it. I got me a new paper shredder at work. NEW TOY! It shreds to confetti! The confetti can be used for evil purposes, and would be so hard to clean up! So people in my office better be nice or they may find their cubicals decorated with some confetti!. tee hee Good night!