Sunday, April 13

Isn't it amazing, how one of the most important people in your life can say just a few words to you and can make you feel like a complete piece of shit? I went upstairs a few minutes ago to ask my parents if I could borrow a car tomorrow (and the next few days probably), and my Dad blew up at me. He said he "wished I had consulted him before leaving my car somewhere and putting them all in a bind." Thanks Dad. I had no choice but to leave my car, because I shouldn't be driving it. Then he said he and Mom were planning on going to Salt Lake tomorrow to celebrate his birthday, but now since I needed a car, they couldn't do it. Despite them having TWO cars and only needing ONE to go to Salt Lake. Then Dad left the room, and Mom told me not to take it personally, he's had a bug up his butt all day long and she's been the one he's been crappy to, now I've joined the ranks too. It made her feel a little better knowing it wasn't "just her." I hate having to even ask for help, to inconvenience anyone. Mom said I could take her Blazer, and that they would make do. I feel so damn guilty now, because of what Dad said, despite knowing he's in a "mood". I tried to call my brother, in hopes that maybe I could borrow my nephew's jeep he's trying to sell, maybe get some exposure for it to be sold, but he's not home from church yet. That way, no one is inconvenienced. My nephew has another car already so it might work out.