Monday, April 7

I am absolutely livid right now. I am getting so sick and tired of the f*cking pigs that call themselves my sister Kathy and her asshole husband Ellis. Last night, I made myself a peanut butter sandwich with Mom's homemade pear jam on it for lunch today. I left it sitting on the counter in a sandwich bag. Now, you'd think that it would be safe. But it wasn't. I found the empty bag sitting on the counter this morning. Who would want to eat a sandwich not knowing who made it, what kind it was, and for what reason it was made for?? How big of an idiot would one have to be? Do they seriously think that someone would be nice enough to make them a sandwich and set it out for them to eat? Well, I guess I just answered my own questions. Kathy and/or Ellis. I know its only a sandwich - but combined with the long line of crap and all the other stuff they pull, I have HAD IT. I left a big note, written in marker sitting with the empty bag "WHO ATE MY SANDWICH??? THANK YOU SO MUCH." I think I'm done venting now... thanks for listening. Now I'm going to try and concentrate on having a good day.