Tuesday, April 22

Well, I'm Boston!!! Yahoo!! My flight yesterday was good, we had to go up into Canada due to bad weather near Chicago, but that was OK, since we got two movies. Maid in Manhattan and Two Weeks' Notice. The flight wasn't too crowded, so that was nice. Traffic was unbelievable good getting to our hotel in Burlington (near Hanscom AFB, where the workshop is being held). Dave drives like a true Masshole, its great. He's been to this area a few times before and zoomed in and out of traffic and knew just where he was going. Now, he and Les travel so much together, they're like an old married couple - its so funny. They even admit it. They're a great couple of guys. The workshop got off to a good start today, and the best part of the day was when my good bud Colin was able to meet me as I arrived at the building, then later he took me to lunch!! Thanks again, Colin! YOU'RE the BEST! We ate at a quiant place called the Colonial Inn. Good food, good company, what else could ya want?! Tonight Dave and Les wanted to see a movie at the local mall, but I'm staying in, doing some work, playing on the ever-so-slow net, ordering room service, having a great old soak in a bubble bath, and watching TV. This humid weather is really bothering my RA today, so I'm taking it easy tonight so I can have fun the rest of the time. We'll galavant tomorrow night around here, then Thursday night we'll be at the Long Wharf Marriott right in Boston. Hope everyone is having a good week!! :-)