Thursday, April 17

I decided to check with my insurance when I got home last night to see what my "out of pocket"/coinsurance expenses that are remaining so I can be prepared (or at least not shocked) for what my portion of the Remacade treatments will be (still pending approval). Since each treatment (will need 9 treatments in the first year!!) is $4000 and my portion will be 80% of that, up to my coinsurance amount has been met for the year then they'll pay 100%. I got the best news. For "in network providers" which my RA doc is one, I have met the $1250 max already this year! I was soooooo relieved. So, fingers crossed that the Remacade will be approved - I don't see any problem with it being approved, especially since it was approved last year and that I will be using it for two problems. 3 for Thursday questions are up, go play. My answers are on my Meme page. I have loads to do today. I've got to finish up some things, and make sure I've got all I need for the next two weeks. Laptop is pretty much ready to go, except I have to fill out some paperwork so I can be allowed access into the base network from the outside. Hopefully they'll process the paperwork right away so I can check my e-mail and have internet access next week! Have a great day everyone!! P.S. Have I mentioned how wonderful you all are lately!? You truly are. Thank you as always for all your support!!