Monday, April 14

Dad apologized last night for yelling at me and being so rude. He said he just gets so frustrated at times, and that Mom and I aren't the cause so he shouldn't be taking it out on us. Mom and I told him we're frustrated beyond belief about Kathy and Ellis too, and we're all at our breaking point. Dad said I could borrow his car since I had further to go, and he and Mom would use the Blazer. He decided not to go to Salt Lake after all, since his twin sis has other plans. I called my brother last night, to see if I could borrow that jeep, but he wasn't home... but I did get to talk to Patti! Its been ages since I've talked to her. We talked for about 45 minutes. They did actually just sold the jeep, which is good, they've been trying for months to sell it. Happy 69th Birthday to my Dad (and my Aunt Joan). We all chipped in and bought him a big canopied swing for the deck. He's wanted one for years. Dad and Ellis put it together Saturday night, so I'm guessing that he tried to have a "Man to Man" talk with Ellis while they were out there and that's what caused Dad to get so upset. You can't have a "Man to Man" talk with Ellis when Ellis isn't a "man". He's a selfish child who thinks he's a man. Anyhoo... the family will get together tonight for Strawberry Shortcake. That's about all for now... I need to get some work done this morning before the mailman comes. Have a great Monday!