Thursday, April 3

My Dad called me at work this afternoon to tell me about my car. He said "Karen, your car has major problems and its going to cost you a lot." I gasp! Then he said, "Its gonna cost you $25, it was a loose spark plug." He was laughing by then, and then got me laughing. What a brat! Anyway, the mechanic said the my engine mounts are starting to wear so I'll need to replace those soon. I need to check into it and see how much that will cost me. I'm soooo relieved - thank you to everyone's good thoughts, they worked! I was so glad to get out of work today, my week is over. YAY! The financials really kicked my butt this week. I've got them sorted for the most part now, but still have to do my double-check balancing next week. Hopefully after I get that done, things will ease up some and I'll have a chance to take a break once in a while. I got my tickets for Boston on the 21st of April! So I'm set! I e-mailed Dave and told him that I was going with him and Les instead of Debi and he said I needed to pass a test first. 1. Go to a specific restaurant, 2. See at least one movie, and 3. Go see where the Revolutionary War started. He said if I said "yes" to all 3 then I passed. So, I passed. Its cool that he and Les are taking me under their wing while I'm out there. I'm soooooo excited to see Colin and hopefully his wife, the Lovely D while I'm out there. Weeee!!! Lunch for sure, and maybe an early dinner. I'll be able to spend more time on my trip out in May, when I'm flying in over the weekend.