Friday, April 11

Its just like Christmas today!!!! I actually got a Christmas present from my good friends Jacky and Bob from England! LOL!! It was mailed in OCT 2002 and I just got it. To think of where it has been, and why it took so long to get here really makes your mind wonder. I've been getting my towels and magnets too from the exchanges that I participated in too, so much fun!!!! I've loved everything I've gotten. The ladies are so great! The sock exchange is coming up, so I'm excited for that. The gastro doc is pretty much at a loss of what to do with me, since I'm on the clinical trial meds for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, there's not a lot he can do. So, I need to talk to my RA doc on Wednesday and tell him we need to get tough with the uclerative colitis. There's got to be something that they can do, even if it means taking me off the clinical trial and going on Remacade. I gotta do something, I'm tired of living like this. The gastro doc is starting to get really worried about my weight loss, since I'd lost a lot since they weighed me last. The nurse said "whoa!" LOL!! I've got it to lose, but its not a very healthy way to lose it. I'd rather get feeling better, get my energy back, and work out again and get it off that way. Working out is such a good stress reliever for me too. My iron IV went OK, Dr. M took more blood. He's concerned that the levels of iron aren't coming up quite as fast as they should, which he thinks is due to the UC, but wants to make sure. So, I'll go back again next Friday for the results and more iron. I came home after my appts and picked Mom up, then we went to lunch. We decided to try Blimpies and I had a roasted Club Sandwich (with just meat and cheese - can't have the raw vegies cuz of my stomach, grrr). It was really yummy, but I could only eat half of it. So, now I've got dinner too! We hit the Wal-Mart, the pharmacy, then went to get Mom's hair cut. It is absolutely gorgeous outside so me thinks I'll go out and enjoy it. Take a book out on the deck and bask in the sun for a little while! AHHH! Spring!