Saturday, April 19

I went to get my iron IV yesterday and my general doctor kept me waiting for 45 minutes, he came in, looked at my blood tests from last week, said "I need to check on something, I'll be right back." He saw other patients then came back 25 minutes later and finally gave the IV to me. It took 5 fricking minutes. I was so mad - I wish he would have had his nurse do it if he were so busy!! Anyway, he's still concerned that the iron isn't coming up. I told him that it is the UC that's causing the problem and that I'm starting the Remacade in 2 weeks. He was really glad that I'm starting it. I came home, got Mom and we did the lunch thing and ran some errands. I've got everything I need now for my trip to Boston - at least I hope I haven't forgotten anything! We'll find out when I get packing tomorrow. But knowing me, I'll be to anxious tonight and start packing. tee hee I've already got my laptop and workshop things all packed and ready. Spare battery charged and all. I'm so obsessive about being prepared. LOL! Here are a couple of pics I thought I'd share. Awww!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!