Saturday, April 26

I made it home safe yesterday. I had a great time in Boston. Dave, Les and I went to a BEEF restaurant called Durgan Park Thursday night to eat. It was a really cool place to eat, they had huge rows of long tables and you shared the table with strangers. They had the Durgan Park Prime Rib cut that looked like something Fred Flinstone would have eaten! LOL! OMG - huge. Dave and Les had the smaller cut, and I had to settle for mashed potatoes and carrots. This restricted diet stuff really sucks at times. The restaurant was loud, noisy and full of energy. Lots of fun. After dinner we walked around the market place and saw a couple of things before heading back to the hotel. It was so cold, windy and rainy that we didn't even go out to see any sites that afternoon. So, I'll get to see more in May when I go again. The flight yesterday was good, right on time and I had a row to myself to stretch out. The movie was Antwon Fisher which I thought was a really great movie. Then I broke out the laptop computer and watched a couple of episodes of the "Keeping Up Appearances" DVD set that I bought myself at Barnes and Noble. I needed to spoil myself a bit. Its so good to be home, I can't even tell ya... my cat missed me so much and she hasn't let me out of her site since I got home. We actually went to bed at 6pm last night, I couldn't keep my eyes open a minute longer. I woke up a few times during the night, but finally woke up about 6:30 this morning. I'm doing my laundry now, and getting caught up on some things. Tomorrow I leave for Salt Lake to work at a conference until next Thursday night! I will get as much rest as I can today, after I get all sorted and some errands ran... then maybe I'll be re-energized for tomorrow.