Sunday, April 20

I just got back from eating dinner at my brother J Dee and sis-in-law Patti''s house for Easter. Yummy food, ham, potatoes & gravy, and homemade rolls. There was lots of other stuff that I couldn't eat though but that's OK. What I had was delicous. All their kids were there, and it was great to see all of Patti's kids and grandkids. I hadn't seen them since before Xmas. Everyone told me how great I look (the weight loss) which made me feel good. My friend Robin called and told me that her hubby had got my car done. It was the ingnition coil and a couple of modules that had gone bad. I'm sooo grateful to this man for all the work he's put into it this week, and he only charged me for the parts. I owe them dinner at least so I'll take them out when I get back from all my travels. So, my car is home, safe and sound. Its still missing a bit, but he thinks it should work itself out, because there was more fuel injector cleaner left than gas since it was sucking gas so bad in the last tank and it probably clogged a plug up. So, I've asked my Mom and Dad to drive my car while I'm gone to get the cleaner run out. Oh, how my Mom loves to drive my car since its a standard. Well, I'm off to Boston in the morning! I'll try and update as I can, and if I get a chance pop around to see how everyone is doing.