Wednesday, April 16

Got back from my RA doc. He was so glad to see my progress with the clinical trial medication, but with the problems with the ulcerative colitis not getting any better and it causing so many nutritional problems, we had to make the tough decision to take me off the study and put me on Remacade (which will help both diseases). They have to double check with my insurance first to make sure it will be covered (it was last year so it should still be covered this year). He increased my prednisone from 10 to 40 mg a day to help with the UC and RA until I can start the Remacade. I'm anxious to get started on it. I'm hoping once its approved, I can start the first part of May when I'm home from all my traveling. Fingers crossed!! Its going to increase my medical bills - but I need to do this. I feel good about the decision. I've had a pretty good day so far, been getting stuff done. One of the managers asked me to produce a flyer to be given at the conference in a couple of weeks announcing a new document we just finished. I made one up, and it was approved on the first draft. YAY! I'm waiting on some workshop slides now, to print off for a workshop in May so I'm relaxing a bit. I have my laptop, and its being set up for my trip to Boston and the conference. I need to burn a few CDs of several files so I have them with me in case I need them. No real word on my car yet. Jerry told Robin a couple of things last night while she was half asleep, the compression is fine, but a valve has gone bad (if Robin remembered right) but there was more that she couldn't remember what he said so she'll have to tell me tomorrow.