Monday, April 28

I'm here in Salt Lake at the conference. Its going well, and am having a good time, but I'm sooooooooo exhausted! There's a bubble bath about to be ran in about 5 minutes that has my name on it. I'm not really too impressed with this hotel. I was really spoiled at the Marriotts I stayed in. One bad thing, its a non-smoking room and some asshole (don't want to offend any smokers out there) smoked in here and it STINKS. I've had the maid service in here 2 times already with the air purifier and its not getting rid of it. Its really making my allergies come out. If this person wanted to smoke in the room, they should have been in a smoking room. Grrr. Anyhoo... the hotel didn't even give me a welcome snack like they were supposed to. Rude. This morning I ran into my old boss Mike O. (who now lives in Detroit). It was sooooo great to see him, and we're going to have lunch tomorrow to catch up. He couldn't believe how much weight I'd lost, he hardly recognized me. Then another guy (named Mike S.) who used to work in my organization was a speaker in my track this morning. I went to say hello and he looked at my name tag and his mouth dropped. He was sort of a snob when he worked there, kinda rude to me and he used to make fun of my weight. I LOVED it when he saw I wasn't that huge girl anymore. Sweet. tee hee He just stood there oogled as he was asking about a mutual friend. We had a luncheon speaker today, who was actually Dave, the guy I went to Boston with last week. He's so entertaining. Then we had two more session of speakers, then Trudy, Shanae and I just went to get a sandwich. I decided I needed a t-shirt to lounge in in while here (I forgot to pack one) so we found a fun little shop in the mall. I got me an Oscar the Grouch one! LOL! Its a perfect shirt for the end of the day. I'm rambling and so I'm going for that bath now. I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Catch you all later! *hugs*