Sunday, April 13

*hugs* and thanks for everyone's support yesterday! I feel so bad for my brother and his kids, but they are doing well considering all they've been through. My brother actually went out on his first date last month, which was good to hear. I had a pretty relaxing day yesterday for the most part. I went outside, washed my car and basked in the sunshine on the deck for a while. I came inside, took a nap, showered, then read a book for most of the evening. This morning, I took my car out to my friend Robin's house. Her husband Jerry offered to check it out to see if he could figure out what's wrong with it. He said he thinks its a compression problem, and he needed to go buy a new compression guage because his was broken. Hmmm... yeah, that made me feel guilty, but he said I gave him a good excuse to go buy a new toy! So, I left my car there, and he'll work on it the next few days and see if he can figure it out and get it fixed. Robin and Jerry are surely two wonderful people! So, now I've got to sort out a way to work for the next few days. Hopefully Mom and Dad will let me borrow one of theirs. I guess that's all for now... kinda in a blah mood today. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!