Sunday, April 27

My body is rebelling! It knows it has to leave again today and doesn't want to. But I'll make it go. I'm the boss even though it seems to think its the boss at times. I'm meeting Trudy at 2pm and we'll drive down to Salt Lake, get checked into the hotel, register for the conference and then attend the 4pm meeting to get instructions for the rest of the week. This conference is really a lot of fun to work at, the attendees are friendly. I will most likely be exhausted by the end of the day, since I'm an introvert and people really do wear me out. So, I don't know how often I'll blog or be visiting everyone, but I'll try! Anyhoo... I'm just about packed again. I just have to pack the last minute things and hope I don't forget anything. Its not like I totally unpacked from the last trip anyway! LOL!! I did laundry and just repacked it! I plan on spending time cuddling with my cat before I go so she'll still love me. Poor baby - she gets so stressed when I'm gone, and I'm stressed being away from her. Mom and Dad take good care of her and I'm grateful for them. Yesterday my Mom and I went to run a couple of errands, had some lunch too. I was craving cheese enchiladas (surprise, surprise) but I shouldn't have had the chips and salsa. They're becoming a big no-no for my stomach which really sucks. I came home after that and just vegged the rest of the night and was in misery. UGH. Tummy is finally starting to settle down now. I get a phone call from my ex BF Robert last night. He calls on occasion to keep in touch, see what I'm up to, etc. We broke up 7 years ago (my decision), then he spent the next 4-5 years calling about every 6 weeks to see if I was ready to come back yet. HA! Anyway... he's been seeing a lady for the past 2 years and that's cool, but now he's saying that she's being stubborn and too independent so things are rocky. Shit. So guess who he asks out?! Yup, me. I told him I'd go to lunch with him maybe in a couple of weeks but I'm not getting back together with him now or ever. I'm really struggling with even wanting to go to lunch with him. He started talking about not wanting to live anymore, he's so miserable. Aren't we all?! I told him that too. I told him to quit feeling sorry for himself and just take 5 minutes at a time like the rest of us. I know he's hurting, but he's playing the same old guilt games that he used to and I'm not falling for it. I really don't think he realizes just how strong and how much I've changed over the past few years. He's got a rude awakening. I'm not a push-over like I used to be. My sister Kathy is having knee surgery tomorrow, and my poor Mom has to take care of her. Mom is so not looking forward to it. Kathy is such a major boob about everything, and who knows if Kathy's husband will be around to help out - even with their baby. Kathy won't get up and get moving like she's supposed to, she's too lazy. She's milking this thing for all its worth, believe me. I know surgery is never easy, been there done it, but there's a difference between people who "love the attention they get from surgery" and those who don't. Have a great week everyone!! Much love to ya all!