Friday, April 18

Yesterday was completely nuts, but I managed to get everything done - I hope! I was so exhausted by the time I got home, I didn't even read any blogs- bad Karen. I'll catch up today/tonight after I get all my errands ran. I got a call from my old boss Gordon yesterday. He got another job with another company a few years ago, and now he's back with my company and has been for the last couple of years. He works out of the main office, and has had a tendency to try and take advantage of our friendship by asking me to do things to help him out, which is fine BUT he needs to follow the proper chain of command, which is to go through my boss Tim. Anyway, Gordon called to ask me if I could help out with another office on base while a lady is out on medical leave. I'm a team player and willing to help out any way I can, but there's a limit to my time and this lady performed other duties than I do, so I may not be much help. Gordon mentioned some other people from the main office that didn't have much to do all the time, but he wanted me to help out since he knew I'd get the job done. Does that sound fair?! Here there are people who have the time that could take care of things easier than I can and he's bugging me. I brought up the fact that I'll be out of the office for 2 weeks, and would have so much to do when I returned so chances were slim that I could do a whole lot. I also mentioned the tiny fact that he should be clearing this with Tim. I got off the phone and told Tim what was going on. Tim wasn't too happy about it either, because he knows how busy I am. Gordon finally e-mailed Tim and asked him. Tim told him very politely that my job comes first. If I do happen to have a few minutes to spare then I can help, otherwise get one of the others to help. They really should just bite the bullet and get a temp in there. I did get some GREAT news though. I called the lady at my RA docs office who takes care of the Remacade appts and insurance stuff, just to see if there was a chance that I could set up and appt for when I get back in 2 weeks to get started, since I was pretty sure the insurance would approve it, since they did last year. She said she was just about to call me, she got approval back!! Yahhoooo! So I start with my first treatment on May 5. It will take 2.5-3 hours for each treatment. The date for the first treatment isn't the best, its the first day I'll be back in the office but I need to get started. I'll go back to work after the treatment and probably take my laptop and do work while I'm sitting there. Then my second treatment will be on May 13. We'll schedule my next appt after that, I think its either a month later or another 2 weeks, I can't remember. I'm just so happy its working out.