Wednesday, April 2

Its gonna be another crazy day... the list of things to do has filled up all the lines in my planner. UGH. Financials day too, to top it off. I'll just take one thing at a time and breathe in and out. tee hee That Michael guy responded to my e-mail. He said he wished he could have spoken to me on the phone again "because I had a lovely voice and he would like a bit more information and would l like to discuss it." I explained (like I did from the beginning) that I'm not a technical person and its best to e-mail the specifics to me so I can ask our experts - so nothing gets lost in the translation. So, he wrote back telling me what he needed - then I sent him the info back, and he e-mailed me again saying he still wants to talk to me more. I finally told him that I'd have one of our experts contact him for further information, because it would be easier. I've passed him off, so hopefully he won't bug me any more! There really isn't any more info we can give him anyway without detailed consulting - which will cost him! I heard one of my old favorite songs from the 80's this morning - "Gonna Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash. Anyone remember them? I need to find the CD with that song on it. My sis had the record and we just loved the whole thing. I hope there is a CD of it, I can't get the song out of my head now. I *really* have to get to work now. You all enjoy the Hump Day!!!