Monday, April 7

I came home, and talked to Mom about the sandwich. She said it would have had to been Kathy, because Ellis doesn't like peanut butter. So... in my mind that makes it worse, because Kathy was raised in this house - and almost 40 years old, I might add - and was taught better. Mom saw the note and empty sandwich bag and left it on the counter for Kathy to see. Kathy didn't say anything to Mom and she's not home for me to bitch out. Not that I should really start bitching her out because after all she's put my parents through, I won't be able to stop. Out of respect for my parents, I won't. If Kathy does happen to say anything to me, I will tell her she owes me $5 for the lunch I had to buy today, and to follow this rule: "if you don't make it, don't eat it." Simple enough rule even for her to understand. I think she's a chicken shit and won't say anything to me, and I'd rather not see her face. I DO love the ideas you guys gave me in my comments though! LOL! Hot pepper flakes/cayenne pepper will be perfect! tee hee Maybe... hmmm... maybe I'll put that in something else that I cook and set it in the fridge as a trap. PERFECT! Bwaahhahhahahaha I'll wait a week or so before I do it so it will come as a surprise. I did make myself another sandwich for tomorrow, but I labeled it. "This belongs to Karen. Make your own." Anyhoo... today was a pretty good day once I calmed down, those Xanax work wonders. *snicker* I got a lot done, but still not all the way done with my internal financials balancing. I kept getting side tracked with other stuff that needed to be done. Maybe tomorrow will be quieter. My car won't be finished until tomorrow. I talked to them this morning and they said, "We checked the one spark plug out and it was still tight, so took it for a test run and it ran great!" RIGHT and a monkey just flew out of my butt! I told them to go a head with the tune up and they're replacing the motor mounts which are wearing. It ran awful for my Dad taking it in so its not just acting up for me. I hope everyone had a great day - and I'll be around to visit soon!