Monday, June 30

Yesterday's pajama day was a complete success, almost too much of a success because I really had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, wanting another one. But, alas, I'm here at work now. *sigh* My really good friend Sandi (that works here) has been "loaned" to another organization for 2 months and today will be her first day. I'm so sad, I'm really going to miss going over to visit her and seeing her every day. We'll talk via the phone and e-mail but it won't be the same. She's such a huge support to me... I don't even think I can bring myself to go over and see her empty cubical without tearing up. One thing that cheers me up a little bit, is this is short week! Woohoo! I get paid for Friday, which means I don't have to work on Thursday! 4-day weekend!! TTFN for now... I better tackle my work e-mail to see what I've got to do today!