Thursday, June 19


Its actually my Friday and I only have 7 hours to work and I'll have my 40 hrs in for the week The main thing I have to do today is do some organizing and filing in our storage vault. Things that have been moved from our old building finally and things are a mess. I spent about an hour yesterday going through 3 boxes but I know there is a lot more in the vault I'll have to organize. I wore jeans today so I could really dig in and get this done. I'm going to lunch with my friend Wendy today, and looking forward to it and catching up with her. She told me I could choose where to go, and I'm thinking of a pizza/pasta place. They will put alfredo sauce on a pizza instead of the tomato sauce (which isn't nice to my stomach) and its sounding really yummy. I best get started on my day! Have a great day everyone and if you want to play 3 for Thursday the questions are up.