Sunday, June 8

I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot express my gratitude for all everyone's thoughts and wishes to me. Once again you people truly amaze me *tears in eyes*! Colin told me that everyone was pulling for me and it so lifted my spirits and kept me going. I just want to send everyone a big hug and really - thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much love and caring just radiates from you all. Monday night my RA doctor's office called me to tell me some results of last week's tests and I decided to tell them what had been going on with my leg. It didn't sound good to them, so they sent me up to emergency right away for an ultra sound on my leg. They found a blood clot that ran from my groin (or very top of my leg) all the way down to my ankle. They immediately admitted me. Then while I was there, they decided to get me healthy. They gave me 3 units of blood that night since I was so anemic. The next day, I had my RA doc (Dr B), Gastro doc (Dr L), general doc (Dr M), and another Gastro doc (Dr K) consulting on how to get me back on my feet - not only for the blood clot but for my RA and Ulcerative Colitis. Dr K was one funny guy. He was the one that said I had ticks, lice and fleas. Cracked my parents and I up. I do have a lot of problems and didn't really realize just how sick I've been, its really amazing what you can get used to. They took me off one of the anti inflammatories that could be potentially causing problems with my stomach and with the Remacade treatments I really shouldn't need it any longer. The put me on a blood thinner called Coumadin which is a little scary, but hey - gotta do what you gotta do. I will get blood tests often to monitor things. I'm sure I'll have other med changes during the next week or so. Anyway, Dr K wanted all sorts of things monitored while I was there. UGH. So degrading and humiliating to have such bodily fluids collected and tested. The nurses would be so pleased too, which really makes me worry about them. LOL!! After 4 days Dr. K finally decided that the ulcerative colitis IS the reason for my anemia. DOH! I guess he needed proof and I know it was all done in my best interest. Friday night my blood level started to drop again so he ordered a 1000 ml dose of iron. Holy shit. This IV took 12 hours! I felt like I was in for a oil job. Filler up please. tee hee I should be good for about 2 months on that dose of iron. I am feeling so much stronger now and am not dizzy at all anymore. The food situation was fun. I'm on such a limited diet and I KNOW what I can and can't eat. I'd order meals and they kept messing it up. I'd have to wait 1 - 1.5 hours to get it fixed. On Thursday night, I'd finally had enough. I was so frustrated I broke down like a ninny and just cried. I was so mad. I hate it when I do that, but I guess all the emotions I'd been feeling just exploded. My parents came to see me right in the middle of this and my Dad took matters in his hands and went to find a dietician. He found one, but she wasn't the main honcho. He made a few polite threats and what do you know, the next day the head dietician visited me and her whole staff were doing back flips to remedy the situation and give me exactly what I ordered and needed. I bet they were happy to see me go home. LOL!! They're not sure what caused the blood clot. It could be that I've got a blood clot disorder, which they'll test for after I get off the blood thinners or it could be just one of those things that developed. Who knows... this experience has taught me one thing: pay attention to what is really going on and not to let things go so long before telling a doctor what's happening. So... now I get to make a call to my gastro doc tomorrow to get an appt to really get my UC under control. Dr K has recommended a medication so I'll have to see what Dr L thinks. I will see Dr M on Tuesday for a blood test on the blood thinners, then see Dr B on Wednesday for my Remacade treatment. Dr M said that he wanted me home for another week with orders of bed rest (as much as possible) and not to sit or stand a lot (Too bad I don't have a really sexy man to keep me company in my bed. *snicker* ). My leg still hurts a bit but at least its almost back to its normal size. It was so huge and swollen, it was almost twice as big as my other leg. I won't be on the PC quite as much as I'd like, but you can bet I'll be around every chance I get. I've missed you all so much!