Friday, June 27

What an ablsolutely crazy day I've had which means of course I over did things. But now the errands, cleaning, etc., are out of the way I can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. I got up early, cleaned and went to the doc. My blood test for the blood thinners and things are right on target. See him again in 2 weeks. He wants me to keep taking the water pills, but cut the dosage back to the normal and keep wearing the sexy hose for a couple more weeks. went to lunch with Mom to the diner where my sis Susie works and she cooked us an omelet and hashbrowns. Mmm, Mmm good. The doc gave me the orders I needed for the ultrasound I need for the density in my boob, so after lunch, Mom and I went to the hospital to have it done, got registered, and went to radiology as I was told to. When I got to radiology, they said, "Oh, we don't do breast ultrasounds here. You have to go the Women's Center upstairs and you have to schedule and appointment." Nice. So I go upstairs. They look my records up, and discover I haven't had a mammogram since 2001. OK... which would be correct. So they tell me that since I have a density then I need to have a mammo before I can have the ultrasound. OK... better safe than sorry. So they call my doctor to get his OK, but they're out to lunch. OK... so I tell them just to schedule me an appt for both the mammo and ultrasound, and call my doc after lunch and have him fax the order. No big deal. They finally agreed and I'm scheduled in 2 weeks to get both done. I felt like I got the royal run-around at that place today! After that adventure, Mom and I went grocery shopping which is yet another adventure, at least it is with Mom. LOL! She's such the shopper. Then we stopped off to get some prescriptions and the pharmacist and the assistant (who know me well!) had to ask what happened to my face. They told me that I couldn't have any secrets from them. LOL! They got quite a chuckle out of it and teased me about being a klutz. So true. My face looks so much better than it did yesterday, its bruised a bit and has road rash but its not as swollen. I am SO sore though between bruises on my knees (and one on my shoulder that I discovered!), and the sore muscles. I still have to laugh about it. Probably the best trip I've had. tee hee I bought a new video/DVD cabinet and was going to put it together tonight but I best not. My ankle has started to swell from so much walking today, so its an early bed night for me. I'll ask my Dad in the morning if he would like to help me. He has me to read the instructions to him while he does the assembling. I like doing stuff like that with him, always have since I was little and I think he liked me to help him. I hope everyone had a great day - and I'll be around tomorrow to visit you all!