Thursday, June 19

I over did things a wee bit today! I got all the files moved and organized in the vault like I wanted to, but it was a bit too much for me to do, and it was so hot in there with no air con. I was drenched by the time I was done. UGH. I hate that. I rested at my desk for a while and cooled off. I went to lunch with Wendy and we had fun, she's such a sweetie. The pizza was sooooooooo good. I have half of it left for lunch tomorrow! Mmmm! I'm telling you - if you get a chance to try alfredo sauce on pizza it is heaven. I got off work at 1:00, and decided to run my errands. Bad Karen. Between this morning and the errands I *really* over did things. I'm paying for it now, but not to worry, I'm sitting here in my jammies (actually got in my jammies at 3pm when I got home! LOL!!) and am about to go back and lay down on my bed and watch a movie or two that I rented. I rented 5 movies, so I'll be entertained and forced to rest this weekend for the most part. The last few days, my ankle and foot has been really swollen. I called the doc on Tuesday and he said it was normal and would do that over the next month or so. Its sooo swollen, I feel like I've got an elephant's foot! I'm starting to think something is going on though, because my right ankle and foot is swelling some too, not as bad as the left though. I see the doc tomorrow so he can SEE how bad it is. I sure hope nothing is wrong and it is just part of the healing process. I don't want to be paranoid, but I've learned that its best not to ignore things. I remembered last night that my RA doc told me last week that it might be a good idea to get me some support stockings (like they give people to wear after surgeries). DUH. So I stopped and bought some today. Of course my foot is so swollen I can't get them on LOL! So I'll have to wait until the morning when the swelling is pretty much gone and put them on. LOL! Tight white thigh-high stockings, woooo baby! Too bad I don't have a man to impress with how sexy I am!