Tuesday, June 10

I'm up early, had a really good nights sleep which felt so great! I've got a busy day ahead of me between doc appts and running to work for an hour (tops). I've got a couple quick things to do at work, and I really want to see everyone. I made brownies yesterday for a thank you treat, which was really a no-no and have learned my lesson. I got them mixed and in the oven, then it hit me. I didn't even make it down the stairs, I had to crash on the couch in the living room. Mom came home from downtown while they were baking and she wasn't too happy with me. She was going to make the brownies for me. She came in to the living room, saw me laying there and said she couldn't leave me alone for a minute (she'd gone downtown for a few minutes) and I start misbehaving. tee hee Well, I best get my behind back in bed for a while and rest some before I have to get ready for my day. I'll be around to visit all of you as I can! Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!