Friday, June 13

Things were stressful yesterday around here. My lazy-assed, pain the butt sister Kathy and her husband were causing all sorts of problems again. My Mom pretty much had a melt down, though she really stuck it to Kathy about what she needs to do - not like its going to happen but Mom is standing up to her and not taking her crap any more. Dad has his moments, then he changes his mind and doesn't follow through with what he says. Grrrr. I'm so tired of all this I could just scream. Anyhoo... yesterday afternoon I went to get some DVDs. I rented Antwone Fisher (such a GREAT movie!!), Two Weeks Notice, Catch Me if You Can, and The Importance of Being Ernest. Should keep me entertained for the weekend. Nothing much going on, I'm behaving, really I am! LOL!! Probably why nothing much is going on. I have been working on my yearly review and think it explains pretty well just how wonderful I am. tee hee Have a great Friday!