Monday, June 9

Boy, I've been a busy girl this morning. I've stayed online much longer than I really should have, but I wanted to get things done. I got some files from my boss that I needed to finish off my monthly status report to send off to our division manager to review, so that's taken care of. I've made my phone calls and have two doc appts tomorrow - one at 10am with my general doc and then one at 6pm with my gastro. The gastro doc is working late on Tuesdays so I'm glad I could get in - the sooner the better in getting the UC under control. I forgot to mention my cat. She's the greatest. When I got home on Saturday, I thought for sure she'd give me the normal "attitude" after I've been gone for a few days, but she didn't. I believe she actually knew I was sick and was soooo happy to see me. She had the sweetest look in her eyes as I petted her and she nuzzed my hand then she perked right up. She has not let me out of her site since though. She's been my snuggle bunny. NOW I am going to go lay down for a while then take me a nice shower before lunch. Have a great day everyone!!! BIG HUGS!