Friday, June 20

Thanks everyone for your concern! You are all so great! I just got back from the doctor. My blood is a bit thin, so he adjusted my meds, every 3rd day taking half a pill. The swelling in the ankles and calves is most likely the normal circulation problems associated with the DVT and water retention. He's doubled my dose of Lasix and pottasium and has told me to stay off my feet and keep my legs elevated (laying down is preferable), as well as wear the sexy support hose. I go back next Friday unless things get worse. So... guess what I'm gonna be doing this weekend? Yup, you got it. Squat. I shall entertain myself with TV, DVDs, my good book, crocheting, naps (YAY), and the computer. But I can't over do the sitting at the computer. Must_be_strong. tee hee Have a fabulous day!