Saturday, June 21

Good Morning!

I stayed in bed until 7:30 this morning (which I hardly every do!!), got up, took a shower, put on my sexy sox and here I am. My leg/foot/ankles are looking so good this morning! YAY! I know that still doesn't mean I can get up and putter about, but there is a huge improvement. There should be an improvement as far as the water retention since I peed more yesterday and last night than I have all week! Hmmm... too much information? Probably... I watched a movie last night, Hot Chick starring Rob Schneider. It was pretty funny, but remember I've got a goofy sense of humor, I'll have to watch it again later. I still have two movies that I haven't watched yet, The Road to Perdition and Serving Sara. I rented one movie called Charly. I hadn't seen heard about it in the theatres, but the video/DVD is in just about every store around here. Well, I found out why. Its a movie based on a book about a woman that comes from New York to Salt Lake City and gets involved with a Mormon guy. Ummm... yeah... no wonder its everywhere! LOL!! I got through about an hour of it and that was all I could stand. I let Mom and Dad have it to watch so it didn't go completely to waste (they loved it). All well and good - it was a pretty good story, it was just missing something. I also watched Just Married which was OK, but not as funny as it looked. I doubt I'll see it again. I got my hospital bill yesterday... can we say $8919?? Holy Shit. Good thing I was sitting down. That includes all the labs, room, meds not the doctors. My insurance will pay 85%, BUT I've reached my out of pocket expense limit as well as my deductable, so they should pay 100%. I called them to verify this fact but I won't rest easy until I see the actual explanation of benefits. It really should be fine though - each Remecade treatment statement I've received, the costs are about $5200 and at the bottom it says patient's portion a big fat $0.00. My insurance just loves me this year! Thank God I've got really good coverage. Too bad it all starts over in January though. I'm approved for 10 Remecade treatements between April of this year and next year. I've had 3 so far. Most of the treatments will be done this year since the frequency is tapered off. I'll have to come up with $250 deductable plus $1250 out of pocket expense, which will probably be raised... but that's how things are. I've rambled on enough! I'm going to blog hop a bit and go lay down for a while. TTFN!!!