Sunday, June 22

Nothing too exciting going on today... I'm just going to relax more and stay off my leg. I sure hope it doesn't flare up again when I got to work tomorrow. I'll keep it elevated so hopefully it will be OK. Oh shit. I've got my "Yearly Grand Opening" appt with the gyno tomorrow afternoon... lovely as if I haven't been poked and prodded enough lately. tee hee Wish it were a different kind of poking *sigh* Yeah, there I go... too much information again. I'll have to drive down to Salt Lake to my appt, I hope my car behaves. I watched two movies last night, The Road to Perdition and Serving Sara. I really liked both of them. There was a movie that premiered last night on HBO called Frailty that I taped, but it didn't tape all of it because due to the stupid boxing screwing up the schedule it came on early. Its on again Thurs night so I'll retape it then. Its got that yummy Matthew McConaughey in it. That man... ohhhhh... that man just does something to me. My vacuum storage bags came yesterday! YAY! I'm so excited! I tried one small bag putting some of my afghans that I've made in them and it worked great! I've already saved half the room in one drawer! Hopefully next weekend I'll be up to doing more. I've got a lot of big quilts that I use during the winter, lots of sweaters, etc., there's even one that will store hanging up clothes, so I'll use that one for my winter coats and jackets. So much fun! LOL! Ya think I need to get out more, don't you?! tee hee I probably do... Anyhoo... have a great day everyone! *hugs*