Sunday, June 15

I'm having such a relaxing day today and am enjoying every bit of it. I go back to work tomorrow!!! YAY! Do I have a fever? Am I feeling all right? Yes, I'm fine. I'm looking forward to getting back to the old grindstone. I'm sure I'll have a lot to do, but I'll just take one thing at a time. I've really missed everyone at work too. The major priority this week is getting my review done. I've done my part, now its up to my boss the Timster to do his, then meet with me to discuss areas for improvement, etc., then he'll recommend a raise (after its approved by our division manager) and send it off to HR. I think that the raise should take effect on June 23. I hope our division manager has put aside a goodly amount for raises this year, that is a big factor in how much everyone gets - besides their performance. Tim really fights for me to get me more money and training every year. My Dad is really enjoying his Father's Day. Mom and I went in on a 20 foot flag pole that he's been wanting and he was so thrilled! Its been sitting in the back seat of my car since Tuesday and the suspense was killing him. I also found him a 2-DVD set of some old Gene Autrey westerns and he's upstairs watching them right now having a grand time. I am going to go upstairs now and help Mom in the kitchen. The rest of the family will be coming over soon for a buffet with ham, turkey, homemade rolls (Mom makes the BEST rolls!), potato salad (Dad's favorite), chips, etc., I'm getting hungry! TTFN!!!