Thursday, June 12

I had a great time last night at J Dee and Patti's. They're so wonderful, and am so lucky to have them in my family. I got two big hugs from my nephew Adam and one big hug from my nephew Travis. Patti's two boys Trent and Jason were there too, but they're not the huggy types and that's OK. A little later, Patti's daughter Nichole came over and brought her little girl Mylee. She is the cutest little girl! She's 3 going on 20. She had us all laughing with her little antics. We all sat outside on the patio and just visited which was really nice, it seems like we haven't done that in so long, we're always rushing here and rushing there. I did behave yesterday - really I did, but when I got home my leg was really swollen so I went right to bed. Its looking mucho better this morning. I think it must have been just doing too much on Tuesday. I promise to be a good girl today, I don't want my leg swelling up again like it did. Todays plans include working on yearly review (UGH) which means saying how wonderful I think I am in my job performance! ROFL! I hate that! I'm thinking later I'll probably go rent some DVDs. Haven't done that in ages and it will give me something to do over the weekend. OK... I'm off! Everyone enjoy your day! 3 for Thursday is up if you would like to play!