Thursday, June 26

My face is getting lots of attention today. After several questions, I decided to mess with people a bit and tell them I got in a bar fight last night. I really had a few people going! I've done a lot of blog hopping since I've actually run out of things to do. Actually I'm waiting on an invoice so I can finish my financials... I found out I won't get it until next week. Sigh. I'm so caught up on other stuff so I decided to goof off a bit. I have 30 mins left then I'm done for the week! Yahoo! Busy day tomorrow though between cleaning, running errands, doc appts. I hope to go get the ultrasound of my boob tomorrow to get that over with. I have to have my general doc write the order since my gyno isn't on the insurance "preferred" list so they won't pay for anything she orders. I've got all the documentation I need from her though, to give to my general doc so it shouldn't be a problem. My uncle is a ob/gyn and he's sending me samples of the pills that I have to be on whiile I'm on the blood thinners. Saving more money! Does any woman out there use Ortho Tri-cylcen?? I have 3 months worth (not opened!!) I hate to throw them away.