Sunday, June 1

Connie made me the new cute blog blinkie to the right - isn't it cute!? Thanks, Connie! :-) and of course another thank you (and a demerit for me) to Colin for putting it on the server for me. I had a very relaxing day yesterday, but then again I was pretty much forced to. One of the side effects (I'm learning!) of high doeses of prednisone is fluid retention. My ankles are really swollen (I'm taking lacix and potassium as directed by the doc) and my left leg is giving me fits (muscle cramps and numbness) so I have to keep put and keep my feet elevated. I really started to go stir crazy by the end of the day. I'd decided to crochet a small doily but it just wasn't enough - even with the Bewitched marathon. tee hee My ankles looked pretty good this morning when I got up, but my left one is starting to swell again already and my leg is starting to do the same stuff. Crap! Looks like another exciting day for me! I did finish a book last night - The Rose and the Shield by Sara Bennett. Good book if ya like historical romance. You'll have to read The Lily and the Sword as well, that was the first book. I'm going to start a book called Secret Ways by Kat Martin next. That should keep me entertained somewhat today while I'm forced to rest. Get out there and enjoy your day!