Saturday, June 14

Annie came up with this idea... so I played along. A. Age - 36 (UGH!) B. Birthday - Feb 2 C. Children - Cat, Ashley D. Diet - restricted E. Exercise - Looking forward to getting back to exercising after I get healthy. F. Favorite food - Cheese enchiladas, pizza G. Garden - parents garden. H. Home - Parent's basement. I. Illnesses - Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. J. Job - Project Administrator. K. Keen on - Reading, blogging, TV, movies, crocheting, cookingetc. L. Location - Ogden, Utah (United States) M. Married - Never N. Name - Karen Jean O. Optimist or pessimist - Most of the time an optimist but have my pessimistic days. P. Pets - Ashley, the best cat in the world. Q. Quote - That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. R. Relationship - Single S. School - Graduated high school, then attended some college, less than a year. T. Talents - cooking, crocheting, sewing, crafty etc. U. Unfulfilled ambition - go back to school and get my degree. V. Vacation in 2003 - Boston twice, Indianapolis once. W. Wish - Peace and health for my family and loved ones. To find love. X. X-rays - Quite a few, don't remember all. Y. Years online - blog 2 years, e-mail about 8 years. Z. Zodiac sign - Aquarius.