Saturday, June 7

Bulletin from the McKay Dee "Hilton" I spoke with Karen briefly yesterday (she was in a running battle with the hospital dietician about the special food she needs, since she's on a restricted diet), so she couldn't talk long. The very good news is that she may be released from the hospital on Sunday (tomorrow)
I told her that you were all thinking of her and give her big "Get Well Soon" hugs (Maria, Kat, Maggie, Jill, Steph, Alisa, Lyana, Marie, Connie, Annie,Otto, Ginadapooh, Froggie, Dyane, Kate, Rachel, Rilana, Blaise, Roo, Pam, Wyllow, Colleen, Cin, Kathi, Jeanne and Coffeemom). I apologize if I forgot anyone. Later Colin