Saturday, June 28

My Dad helped me put my video/DVD cabinet together, and it only took us from 8:30am to 11:45am. MOST of the time was trying to figure out how to put the damn hinges on. No lie. It took us nearly 90 minutes to get them right. The instructions were just "diagrams", no written at all. You'd think that two people with common sense could put hinges on, but we kept getting them wrong. It started getting funny! But we finally managed to finish it. Its a lovely cabinet and I was so excited to get it in my room and filled. I spent most of the afternoon doing just that, and re-organizing my videos and DVDs. Now, since I'm a new DVD owner my videos outnumber my DVDs by a long shot, so I did leave room for my DVD growth inside the cabinet. I discovered a bunch of movies that I hadn't seen in so long and actually forgot I had! I'm planning on watching a couple tonight, just don't know which ones yet... hard to decide. There was one pesky problem while I was in my room today. There is a teenage girl who keeps driving her scooter around and around and around the block. She is driving me friggin' nuts. (It actually started last night for 2 hours - so my nerves were sick of it anyway.) I listened to her whiz by about 3 times, then I decided to go outside and ask her to PLEASE quit driving past our house. I went out to discover that she is giving her little brothers, sisters and neighborhood kids rides on said scooter IN THE ROAD, with no helmet or protective equipment on, and the kids she was giving rides to were STANDING on the scooter in front of her, not sitting. I just about came unglued! I can't believe that this IDIOT girl was doing that. I waved her down and asked her to #1 stop driving by and #2 asked her what the hell she was thinking giving these kids rides like that! She just shrugged and sped off with the kid (about 6 years old!). I was so mad! She kept driving past every so often for the next 3 hours too - probably just to piss me off... and she did. Little shit! If she's out tonight on that damn scooter she better pray that its faster than my car - I'll run her ass over. (KIDDING OF COURSE) I went inside the house and talked to my Mom about it I was so close to calling the police. She said that she and my Dad were going to see if they could find this girl's parents to see if they even know what their daughter is doing - let alone the parents of all the kids that she's giving rides to, but the parents weren't home. I don't know if it will do any good though, in this neighborhood, it doesn't seem like anyone gives a shit about their kids and their safety. They're always letting their play and ride their bikes in the roads. I forget, aren't roads for CARS???? The parents are the worst drivers as well, running stop signs, speeding, etc., Dad said he was going to call the city on Monday and tell them what's going on. This has got to stop. Lives are too precious not to do something - I may even start my own little campaign "Save your kids lives from your own stupidity!" Its pretty sad when someone who doesn't have kids seems to care more about safety than the ones that do have them, isn't it???