Sunday, May 25

Yesterday turned out to be a really good day. Mom, Dad and I went to the local cemetary first to late sis-in-law Lisa's grave and put some pretty bright yellow flowers, then we headed for Salt Lake, stopping off for lunch along the way. Dad called his twin sister to let her know we were in Salt Lake, and her and her husband came out to my Grandparent's graves to meet us for a visit. My Aunt Joanie is so cute, such a sweet lady that reminds me so much of my Grandma. Then we headed to the hospital to see my bro J Dee. Poor guy. He's doing really well though, considering how long he was in surgery and all they did to him. He was really anxious to just get home, and as we were leaving, the doctor said he could go home! Its going to be a long and tough recovery time though, I think he's going to be a difficult patient. tee hee He can't twist, bend or lift anything for 3 months. UGH. Its gonna drive him nuts, he's the type that is always on the go. I want to go out and wash my car and play in the sunshine if we have some to play in today... fingers crossed! Have a great day!