Monday, May 5

Its good to be back to in my own office after two weeks... oh, did I just say that?! LOL! I must be nuts. Anyway, its been a crazy day. I have soooo much to do with my financials. Its going to be a bugger of a month due to a lot of changes that had to be made to labor rates since the first of January. I've got a 300 page report I have to go through to log each correction. Fun, huh? I started the day off by getting settled back in, then I had to run to my doctor appt for my first treatment of Remacade. I was there about 3 hours, as they warned me. I took my laptop computer with me and worked for a couple of the hours, and then just read the rest of the time. So far, so good. I should notice some improvement quickly, as most people do. I ran a couple of errands for work on the way back to the office, then dug back into my financials. I'm now brain dead and its about time to go home so I'm taking a break. I've just got to laugh at Greg... he's the dork that expected me to make travel arrangements for him while I was in Boston. Well, he never had Cindy make them for him until... get this... today. The DAY I'm back in the office! This man blows my mind - completely. I even spoke to him at the conference last week to make sure he was having Cindy do them for him. He said, "Oh yeah, I'll send her an e-mail." *knocking on his head* Helloooo... anyone in there?! I also go an e-mail this morning from a lady in corporate accounts payable needing some "original receipts" for his expense report that he submitted while I was gone (he can't follow instructions either). I looked at my copy of the expense report and sure enough, there were the originals. So, he's screwed himself out of a week's time of getting reimbursed. Its a good thing I don't travel much or the poor guy would be at a complete loss, I think! ;-) Hmmm... well, I guess that's about it about my day. I'm so glad its almost over!! Its going to be a looooong week though. UGH! Have a great night everyone!