Thursday, May 29

YAY the day is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a good day and I got a lot done. I have 1.5 hours left of my 40 to work though, so my boss said it was OK to bring the financials home with me and work on my reports here for that long... I'll do that tomorrow. Right in the middle of the day, a last minute meeting was called at our main local office about some ISO 9001 compliance/certifictation thang my company is doing. So that did throw a bit of a curve into my day but oh well, I got paid to sit there and try to stay awake. There has been some staff turn-over at the main office. My good friend Cindy doesn't work there any more and I'm so sad about that I can't even say but she's still my friend no matter where she works. Anyway... this woman named "N" who has pretty much taken over things for two offices (merging into one soon). I have been warned that she's a trouble maker, likes to stick her nose into where it doesn't belong and is a major control freak. I really try to make my own judgements when it comes to people, but she makes me nervous, could be the 6th sense kicking in. Even when talking to her on the phone Tuesday and yesterday she started stepping on my toes. Like I needed my hand held or something. I hate to break it to her but I've been with the company for over 8 years and know my job and do my job. MY BOSS is my boss, not her. There may be some trouble there, and I know Tim won't stand for any of N's crap. Today after the meeting, N said something that really bothered me. I hadn't even met the woman and she comes up to me and tells me she lives about 2 blocks from me from me. Here's my question. What the f*ck is she doing getting in MY personal file and seeing where I live?! Maybe it had something to do with some HR stuff since my yearly review is due soon and she noticed my home address - I HOPE that's all it was. I was really taken aback and didn't know what to say other than "Oh really? Small world." My boss was standing right there and heard it, and I thought about telling him on the way back to our office that it bothered me, but then I thought maybe I'm just being a ninny. I'm going to take a cool shower and relax for the night. It reached 100 again today UGH and I'm feeling oogy. I'm really too tired now to even sit here and blog hop - so that shows how tired I am... I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow. Toodles!