Wednesday, May 14

Happy Hump Day!!!! Today is going pretty well, I'm getting caught up on things, and just puttering along... nice not to have any stress today. I'm taking my friend Cindy out to lunch for her b-day (which is tomorrow) today and looking forward to it. Its been quite a while since we've gone to lunch, although I see her about once a week at our main office. It will be nice to visit and catch up. We're doing Mexican, and me of course will do the cheese enchiladas. Not having the chips and salsa will be a killer but I just have to behave. I'll have Cindy slap my hand if I even try to eat any salsa. 2 days to Jeff! He was supposed to call me last night, to get the details worked out, but fell asleep (so did I though!), so this morning he sent me an e-mail and told me he was sorry and that he'd make it up to me on Friday "wink wink". *snicker* Oh, damn... there go those butterflies again! We will talk tonight though for sure.