Wednesday, May 21

Don't you just hate those kind of nights when you can't sleep worth shit?! Here it is, 5am and I can't sleep. So I've at least got 30 mins to goof off before I need to get ready for my day. The workshop is going really well, there are a lot of good people attending and I'm learning somethings about project management that I can apply to my job as well. Larry, Timster, two other guys that are here from our office too (on different business), and I all went out to dinner last night to a little Italian restaurant in Bedford. Louigis' I believe the name was, just a small place but really good. I had some yummy cheese ravioli. Then I came back to the hotel, checked e-mail, took about a 30 min bubble bath and then watched the movie Enough. Such a good movie, better than I thought it would be. Tonight is the last night here in Boston, I'm kinda sad to be going, but then again I'll be so happy to get home late tomorrow night. Have a great day everyone!