Thursday, May 29

I'm soooooo glad today is my Friday! Woohoo! I actually managed to get some decent sleep last night which felt good, but I actually cheated and took a Xanax and watched one of my tapes of Brady Bunch tee hee. I love that show, but it does put me to sleep (usually). Me has lots of things to do today but I think I should be able to get it done if I don't find any major errors in the financials. I got a call from my doc's office last night about some blood tests I had done on Tuesday. I have to go in for more this afternoon. My iron levels are staying in the same range (still low) but my inflammation rate is off the charts. 1 month ago, it was at an 11 (which is extremely high) then 2 weeks later it dropped to a 6 which is good. Now its up to 25. I about shit. So they want to find out why its so high. My joints are feeling pretty good, so its most likely my stomach. Sigh. In the famous words of my friend Sandi, "It will get better." I've got good doctors and am in good hands. So I'll stop in for the other blood tests on my way home tonight and should get the results back by early next week. 3 for Thursday is up if you'd like to play along! My answers are on my Meme site. Enjoy your Thrusday!!! I will be around to visit you tonight and tomorrow.